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I never reloaded in my life. I did not have a freind to help or even an internet forum when I started. I was given the Dillion 650 for a present, bought some books, read a lot and started loading.

I went striaght into reloading and found as long as you took the time to learn you would do just fine. There is some common sense along with some knowledge you have to learn. Thus the progrssive was simple to leran with.

However later I found there are times that I needed or even perferred a single stage press. IMHO you can not beat the Lee Classic Cast single stage. I do my hunting rifle rounds on the single stage. It gives me a slower pace so I can make them as fine tuned as I like.

I did try a Turret, it was cool but never saw an advanatge over the single stage.

As far as setting up dies - never knew why the bushing thing was sold as being faster. It is cool but not really any faster than screwing in a die. Regardless in a short amount of time I can set either up fast. I mean come on when you talking just a few second to screw in a die there is that much lost time. I mark my dies so set up is easy.

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