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I'd suggest you go to the turret press now / or another progressive press now ...they really aren't any more difficult to learn on than a single stage. If you are serious about reloading - you need to learn what each station on the press is doing / how to adjust it, etc ...

Budget is always an issue you have to do what fits your budget right now.

I've had single stage and turret presses in the past ...and I've long since gotten rid of them. I did keep one around for awhile / when I was still loading for the .30-40 Krag and .30-06 because they were very low volume ...and I had the dies / was set up for it, etc ... but the last time I cleaned out my shop and garage ...all of that stuff went to the gun club for a "garage sale"...

At this point in my shooting career ...I've quit reloading low volume calibers - and just buy factory ammo for whatever I need. These days I reload for handgun calibers from 9mm to .44 mag ....and in volumes of 2,000 to 4,000 at a time it up / then convert to another caliber...and I use a Dillon 650 with a case feeder that gives me about 1,000 rds an hour. I shoot quite a bit ...500 to 1,000 rds a week.../ but the Dillon 650 gives me the volume of ammo I need with very little investment of time.

I have a retired buddy ...who is very stubborn about giving up his single stage press ...for for .45 acp ...he only gets a box of 50 in an hour. He's careful and takes him time ...and he has no interest in changing his equipment ...but at 50 rds an hour / or even 250 rds an hour -- it would drive me nuts ( and I like reloading ...) but I don't like it that much !

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