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Although you expect to turn out rounds faster via progressive, I'd caution about making your first press a multi-station/progressive.

There's much to know about reloading and I don't mean to lecture, but a good single-stage will teach you more - faster than will a progressive. 25 years ago my mentor and late father-in-law gifted me a 1960's Lee single stage that still gets lots of use. I did add a progressive press to the bench back in the early 90's, but only after I felt secure in my knowledge of what was happening at every stage of the process. Once you add more stations, there's a lot going on at once and the learning curve gets very steep indeed. Today, the old Lee gets as much work time as the Dillon.

Again, apologies if I seem to be lecturing - do what you feel is right for you but don't think for a moment that a single-stage would be a waste - it won't, guaranteed!
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