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I don’t want to restart the whole Lee debate for the millionth time, I personally am not a fan, but that’s me.
The $30.00 Lee C-press is the cheapest one they make, and you will not be happy with it.
Speed should not be your top priority now, get the basics down.
As too which is faster, some guys that have a system down and reloaded on a single stage for a long time, can load just about as fast as someone on a turret press.
If I were starting out, I would go with a quality Turret press. You can pick up a nice used Redding, RCBS, or Lyman used. Use it as a single stage until you have the basics down, and then work out the system that works best for you.
The press is the heart of the operation, and a quality press will last you a lifetime, and later on if speed is a concern, get an Auto progressive to go with the Turret press.
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