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BTW: Rite Aid is the same as Walgreen in their employee cc policy.

Also, I don't watch the news every night, and yes, it appears that there are other pharmicies being robbed too, openly all no firearms allowed ones..
So you made a bogus claim with made up data to prove a point and got caught. Your claim was not substantiated and your credibility has suffered. Can you provide any data to show a difference between chains that all employees to carry versus those that don't in regard to pharmacy robberies? I can't even find where Walgreens robberies are necessarily going up because of their policy.

Rite Aid has the same policy? Their robberies aren't necessarily going up. What of all the other pharmacies?

Come on, places get robbed regardless of the policy. It happens at convenience stores all the time. It happens at banks with armed guards. Hell, even gun stores get gun point.

There are lot of oxycodon thefts in the Spokane area.
You mean at pharmacies? We aren't talking thefts, but robberies, many of which seem dedicated on procuring oxycontin, where the bad guys threaten or engage in violence to procure the drug.
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