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One of my family members is a pharmacist. One of his previous employers (a "big box store") had an "instant termination" policy for carrying a firearm on store property. And, the employee handbook threatened legal action, if the firearm was used on company property (even if preventing injury to employees or self). They claimed that store security (actually pretty good, and armed) was more than enough. ....But didn't escort anyone through the pitch black parking lot, to the distant employee parking area, in a bad part of town
A lot of companies have a "total cooperation" policy when it comes to robberies.
Still, for the companies to disarm employees and then not provide security is willfully disregarding the well being of those who work for you.
Walgreens does in fact have a no firearms policy in store or in parking lot. Immediate termination is clearly stated.
What is being totally ignored is the personality of the Corporation. Corporations have all the behaviors of human psychopaths. A Corporation exists solely to maximize profit. Profit now, Not profit later. Corporations view their employees (the world in fact) as disposable in the attainment of their goals, don’t have a conscience, are great manipulators. They will lie to your face without shame. You can only have a master/slave relationship with a psychopath, they consider compromise a weakness.

So, lets say you the employee pull a gun and shoot a Goblin. Right or wrong there is the potential for a lawsuit. You are an agent for the Corporation and now the Corporation is liable. Lawsuits cost money, and since all Goblins have grieving relatives, any settlement will be big. Payouts decrease profits.

So the Corporation teaches you to be passive, non resisting, will fire your butt if you do anything to hurt a Goblin, even if your survival is at stake. All you have to do is Google this and you will find plenty of times where employees saved their lives through deadly force and were fired.

Why? Because it is the low cost solution. If a Goblin kills you, it is a law enforcement issue. The Corporation does not owe any one anything. They don’t even owe your family burial costs. They will send the Janitors in, clean off the blood and filth, and go back to making profits.

Because that is what they do and that is what they are. It is immoral, but hey, they are psychopaths, what else did you expect?
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