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This "Tom" feller must be one of them "Elmer Fudd" sort of people if he cannot see the UBER-AWESOMENESS of a PGO equipped gun in the hands of your average granny... And chances of her breaking her wrist is mitigated by the fact that with a pump shotgun, you never have to shoot the bad guy 'cuz he will popp his pants and melt to the floor in a spineless puddle of strawberry jelly when she racks the... Cycles the action... And slings vile obscenities at him...

Okay... in truth... sounds like Tom basically has the same opinions, for the most part, as this ol' untrained (formally) redneck shotgun lover... Makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy knowing my beliefs have merit with the very well trained and well versed "experts" on the subject of defensive shotgunning!

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