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I guess his company doesn't trust him anymore.
And why would you trust an employee who has disregarded company policy? Given that employment depends on abiding by the rules and an employee demonstrates that s/he is unwilling to abide by the rules to which the employee agreed as a pard of the condition for employment, then they cannot be trusted.

Well I guess the cat is out of the bag about Walgreens. I guess the robbers in Michigan will know that Walgreens has established a system to get them in and out of the store with the money fast!
Um no. This is no more true than concealed carry within a state lowers crime rates. Thusfar when chains have come out with this information, there have not been rashes of robberies against their employees.

If I were the pharmacist, I would have done exactly what he had done. My job is not worth my life. I can always search out another job while my wife and family have a husband, father, and the ability to maintain the family unit. Isn't this the basis for why we all carry?
This is a healthy attitude. If you are going to carry and do so against company rules, then hold your chin up high when you get fired, if you get fired, for being true to yourself. Don't pull this whiny crap about crying to a lower about being fired unjustly. If the condition for employment was unjust, then either the guy should have worked to change the policy, which if he is like most other example, is something he never considered doing. The security of keeping his job wasn't important to him until he lost it.
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