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Just as quiet on a decible meter, but how it sounds to you will differ from how it sounds to others due to frequency issues. All of the .22 suppressors you're listing are pretty close on their paper stats. Of course everyone tells you that you have to hear it yourself. That's convenient if you have hordes of Title II owning friends, but that's usually not the case for most of us.

Some online folks say the Sparrows have a hefty first round pop when clean, if that's important to you. If you shoot it wet or leave it dirty a lot, that won't be much an issue though.

The Sparrow is shorter but a tiny bit heavier than the LibertyTL.

I've not shot either of them, FWIW. I'm pretty darn happy with my Spectre. It doesn't shift POI on my 10/22 out to at least 50yds, and is quiet on both my Buckmark and my 10/22. I lube it with anti-seize grease, and have never had a problem taking it apart. I don't even use the pusher tool they give you to take it down.
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