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At about 12 feet, it completely filled a man sized target with an off target flyer. You cannot afford a gun that inherently misses the target at that distance. ....

One shooter had a rifled barrel – and guess what. A round of birdshot made a donut pattern that covered the whole target with the center almost untouched. That was a consequence of the rifling which is for a deer gun in states that mandate such for hunting. You don’t want it in a defensive shotgun with buckshot.
Advocates of the Taurus Judge for HD take note.

2. Lights on guns – not needed by the home defender and makes the gun heavier and more unreliable.
How not needed? Yes, it's home turf, but that doesn't mean I can see in the dark and identify that dark form across the room. Heavier, yes, very slightly. You're going to have to explain the more unreliable part.

Otherwise a great post with a lot of the real truth in it.
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