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Walgreens does in fact have a no firearms policy in store or in parking lot. Immediate termination is clearly stated.

Also, previous statements about "hand over whatever they want" is correct. That is the current policy at all the chains to my knowledge.

I have not worked in the retail setting for some time but this was one of the reasons I don't. It can be pretty lonely when you're the only one there at 0300 in "sporting" areas.

Like most policies I think these were devised by the insurance actuaries wherein the cost of whatever drugs (thousands) means little to a company of billions. Much cheaper than what harm an armed employee could do generating millions-magnitude lawsuits defending themselves.

It is an interesting situation, balancing the self-defense rights of the employee with company liability + a unique situation where people will acquire something they really want with force.

BTW, your average chain store doesn't have that much lying around to make robbery worth it.

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