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Hmmm, maybe I should have gone .327

I've known about the .327 ever since it came out. I knew it would beat out a .38 special +P any day, and with similar recoil. It really makes a perfect carry round for a small revolver, giving you 6 shots when normally you would only have 5.
I never thought I'd get one... it didnt make sense for me. It was brand new, and expensive. And .357/.38 special seemed like a more practical way to go because it was tried, true, and established.
Looking at ammo prices... target ammo for .327 and .357 is about the same at $30.00 per box of 50.

Since I'd only use .38 specials in a small carry revolver (not .357) I wonder if I would have been happier with the same gun in .327 and an extra shot.

I guess it's no big deal; I can always carry a 9mm auto if I feel like I want a few extra shots available without a reload. But man on man, the .327 with 6 shots in a small revolver sure would make for a GREAT carry gun! I wish I had more money…………………….. lol
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