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A lot of companies have a "total cooperation" policy when it comes to robberies.
If you don't work for yourself (and can therefore make your own rules regarding firearms), then the best thing you can do is to hand the junk over. It isn't yours, it isn't your money. No point in engaging in violence over something that isn't yours. Drawing your own gun isn't a magic end to the robbery and can easily be what takes the robber's own threat and turn it into action on his part. Not a worthwhile gamble for something that isn't yours.

Still, for the companies to disarm employees and then not provide security is willfully disregarding the well being of those who work for you.

My wife is a pharmacist, and there's a reason she didn't go to Walgreens... they're pretty well known for treating employees poorly. They pay well, but starting pharmacists get the night shifts at the 24 hour pharmacies (which often end up in iffy neighborhoods). Better to work at some other store that closes at a decent hour.
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