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Many of you all have probably read about two Iraqui refugees being arrested on terrorism related charges in Bowling Green, Ky. Their activities included plans on shipping sniper rifles, grenade launchers, etc. to Iraq. Thei FBI was teh primary investigating authority. A small portion of that story, relevant to this thread, reads:
The source who was helping the FBI had told Alwan he worked for a group trying to help insurgents in Iraq, led by a man called the Hajji who got money from Osama bin Laden, according to court documents.

His role was to pick up weapons at a storage unit the FBI had rented in Bowling Green and deliver them to Franklin, where they would be hidden in a tractor-trailer, according to court documents.

The FBI had made the weapons at the storage unit inoperable.

Last November, Alwan picked up three rocket-propelled grenade launchers and three machine guns from the storage unit and took them to Franklin, where the source helping the FBI met him and hid them in a car on the tractor-trailer, according to Glenn's statement.
Read more:

It appears this is the proper way to investigate and break an international gun running scheme. First, it's the FBI and not the ATF. Second, they made the weapons inoperable before turning them over to the bad guys. You have to wonder where the ATF was when they passed out the law enforcement smarts.
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