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Pistol for 3 gun

Hey everyone. I recently made the mistake of participating in a 3 gun competition. I say mistake because I have absolutely love it and it is costing me money . I have competed in 3 local competitions and have been using my Springfield XD .45 with a 4" barrel for the pistol. While a great pistol, .45 is a bit to much recoil for follow up shots, not to mention it is more expensive to feed. I am in the market for a new pistol in 9mm to use for 3 gun. I really like the XD and was looking at getting another one in 9mm. I want to know what you guys think as I don't know much about pistol competition, I have only competed with rifles and shotguns prior to this. What do I need to look for? Will the XD be acceptable? Do I need a 4" or 5" barrel? What brands make a good competition pistol? I would like to keep the cost under $750. Thanks.
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