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Best is very tough to quantify as everyone has different "wants" in a can.
I'll give my opinion.
I run a Spectre on a Buckmark and 10/22. It's a great can, and very quiet, but yeah, it's a bit heavy when I think about it. Specs say 8.5oz, but nowhere near 24oz! I never really notice it, as I already have heavy barrels on both of those guns. If you're putting it on a little Walther, then maybe a lighter can is a good idea.
Durability and weight are almost always a tradeoff in rimfire suppressors. I don't think there are many .22Mag/.17HMR/5.7 rated cans that aren't fairly heavy.

Takedown ability is huge in a .22 suppressor,IMHO. The first time I poured out about tablespoon full of crap from my Spectre, I was glad that I chose a takedown .22 can. That's also the reason you don't want to run a sealed .223 can with .22lr.

To me, a short list for "best" is probably the Spectre and the Sparrow Stainless if durability is your main concern. The Sparrow is easier to take down because of the baffle "jacket" that it uses, but if you only shoot 250 or less rounds between cleanings, you likely won't notice much difference.If weight is an issue, the Element, Prodigy and original Sparrow are good choices.
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