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Originally Posted by Skadoosh
So what was the reasoning given that was behind banning members for using a shilloette target?
In my case, the only reason ever given, implied actually not "given", was that the club was originally created for rimfire and airgun matches and lanes for high(er) power centerfire rounds were only added (much) later at the request of newer members. As such, practice for SD scenarios was not and is not the purpose of the club. It's not so much that they were necessarily directly opposed to it, though I got the impression that the club president who conducted my membership class was, but that they simply wish to serve a relatively singular purpose.

Frankly, I think there are those in the club who believe it's "wrong" to practice on human-like targets and there are those who don't want the "and he practiced regularly at...) type of publicity in the event of a defensive, or even criminal, shooting. Between the two opinions, they have no trouble controlling the rules.

In some ways I can understand the second concern. There was some negative attention given to the range where the shooter practiced who committed the shooting at the Civic/Immigration Center in Binghamton.
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