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Best quality .22LR suppressor

OK, I have made the decision to get a suppressor strictly for target shooting with .22LR. Not going to worry about trying to get one that will also work with .223. The one I found made by Liberty looked interesting but weighed 24 ounces. Doesn't that seem a bit heavy for use with a pistol? I am used to shooting fairly substantial guns, but 24 ounces hanging off the barrel might be too much. So, I am reposting this question specifically related to .22 suppressors. Best one? They are cheaper than the centerfire cans, so price really isn't the deciding factor. To me, this is a one time purchase so I am willing to pay a fair amount for a high quality, quiet, easily cleaned suppressor. A thread on type is fine, don't want to mess with mounting systems. Leaning towards the SWR Spectre right now. It is rated for higher calibers up to 5.7x28, which to me means it is built stronger than a .22LR only can. I won't shoot anything else through it most likely, but you never know. It is 8 ounces. and all stainless construction which is appealing.
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