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Mossberg 185d help

I have a Mossberg 185d that has been sitting for years that I got out to shoot recently. I did a basic cleaning and oiling, looked it over closely and then shot it. It shot fine but I ran into I ran into two problems with it.

First the bolt is a little stiff to operate. I have to be very firm to get it all of the way forward, and rotated into shooting position. It seems to me like where the front half of the bolt meets the back half is where the rotating problem lies. Should I drop the bolt into a jar of Kerosene/Diesel or some other solvent for a few hours to see if that helps?

Secondly, spent shells seem to want to stick in the chamber. I am assuming that the chamber needs a more thorough cleaning, am I right?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this has a lot of sentimental value attached to it. Thanks
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