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I am gonna try to play the "my screwed up left arm" card to see if the pity from wifey will loosen her grip on the purse strings a bit...*

I hinted about the gun while driving to a memorial day function yesterday....

She crapped a dang brick covered in sand spurs when I mentioned I could get one for $475 or so...

I tried to play it off as a cheap gun considering some of my TFL shotgun buddies have guns that cost $10-20k and they only hold 2 dern shells... "Honey, thisn'll shoot 5 shots as fast as I can pull the trigger..."

She says... "So you will need a lot more shells, huh?"

*For everyone not a member for real long, I suffered a debilitating injury to my "strong side" left arm. It was many months before I could even hold the gun to shoot a promo load using the porch railing for a rest and several more before I could hold it up in mounted position to fire a slug or buckshot.Little true control caused the gun to "self eject" the spent hull upon discharge. Will never be much above 50-55% overall compared to pre-wreck days.

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