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Ok, I have stated my opinion on this a number of times. I have 13 shotguns. Two of them are ported. I have a Beretta AL390 ST that is ported, and I recently bought a Browning Cynergy Classic with 30" ported barrels. If there is a difference in noise between the ported and non ported barrels I can't tell it, and neither can the folks I shoot with. Not scientific, but I have asked them. To a man they have said they can't tell any difference.

So for me, it is this: If a gun is ported I wouldn't pass it by for that reason. Neither would I buy it for that reason. If it isn't ported, same thing.

For me it is just a non issue. As far as cleaning is concerned, I just don't pay much attention to them. If the ports don't do anything one way or the other, why worry about cleaning them?

Hogdogs, if I were you, I wouldn't let the ported barrels dissuade me from buying a shotgun that I otherwise really liked. I truly believe that you will not notice one way or the other. I don't.
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