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Bad things typically happen suddenly, and if you carry unloaded it will require both hands to make it capable. It would be a mistake to believe you will always have the time or ability to chamber your weapon.
In my opinion it would be wise to consider the cartridges that LE use as these are what have been tested/used and found to be competant. Only foreign countries with super restrictive gun laws carried 380 ACP or similar since the bad guys typically wouldn't be armed, and if they were, usually didn't outgun them as I understand it I found out I was not allknowing though). Do not read that as it's incapable. It's just not as potent. Not to mention a subcompact 9mm is nearly the size/weight of typical 380's (non-micro), recoil is similar, and ammo costs are similar. MHO
Chime in those in-the-know, but the way I hear it is it's not uncommon for the 3-3.5" compact 1911's to have feeding issues. Are these easily fixed, typically not an issue, or does it become ammo finicky or such? How about the 4" versions, such as those by Kimber or Olympic Arms (Safari Arms)?
I am a small guy that carried a full size/weight 1911, and though it was noticeable (to me), it never felt a real burden. Lighter would have been nicer though. The light short trigger made me a lover of the 1911. It shoots so nicely especially in fast fire drills. Others may get different results. I beg you give one a try.
NEED another 1911, but am looking mostly at the Kahr CW9/40 for CC/HD due to price, size, and reputation.

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