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Again if were talking about the 70's... If it was a revolver. It was a S&W or a colt. Or it was a saturday night special.
Yeah, because nobody like Ruger or Charter Arms made revolvers until 2011...

"The Service Six did not exist in 1970, they were all Security Sixes until a few years later (1973-1974?)."
Interesting. I thought that the two models were introduced concurrently.
Mike, they were all originally Security Sixes. If you look very hard and very long, you can find fixed sight, round butt Security Sixes. Not many made, but they are out there. Circa 1973 they came up with the Speed and Service names. But there is some debate as to when the Security Six was actually introduced. I've seen 1970, 1971 and 1972 as dates so the fixed sight Security Six was not around very long anyway.
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