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There are many lessons here, the first one is that ATF / BATF / BATFE really is not and never has been on par with the FBI, which leads me to ask, "why create a separate law enforcement agency for 3 special categories of commodities?" The FBI is unable to investigate crimes involving tobacco? For some reason, as good as the FBI is at so many other things, they don't know how to handle crimes involving alcohol? We need a special bureau to handle crimes related to firearms? I would think that the BATFE's continued incompetence is the strongest argument for the dissolution of it and turning over those responsibilities to the FBI.

It would be the equivalent of going to your local police agency to report that your car got stolen and they tell you "Sorry - this is the police agency of kerosene, potatoes and power tools. If your crime doesn't involve those three specific categories - we can't help you." I'm saying the BATFE is not needed.

I know that any organization has “politics”. Any police officer will tell you about “politics” in his or her department. And I imagine the larger the law enforcement organization – the more prevalent politics are. But this is case where a law enforcement agency got so sidetracked by a political agenda, that they strayed from the very mission – their core mission. Individuals in BATFE sold out their agency – agreed to employ the agency in plan to support a political agenda to erode the second amendment rights of citizens of the United States.

From reading the quotes attributed to some of the agents, for those who objected, it really wasn’t about second amendment rights versus gun control – they were concerned that the BATFE had strayed from it’s mission and that the Gun Runner operation was putting lethal weapons in the hands of criminals, and their fear that those weapons would be used to kill federal agents.

This is what happens when a law enforcement agency fails to stay neutral and actively tries to be part of influencing legislation.

Really horrible. Besides proving yet again that BATFE is incompetent, they’ve proved that they are not worthy of the public’ trust.
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