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Im Al, The mayor thing is a joke-title hung on me by some of my Old Fart Buddies in SoCal. We lived and worked on the High Desert between L A and Vegas for a number of years. I taught HS and Comm College during that time. I met wife #2 (the keeper) and got my life rebuilt after a tough reaction to the divorce of Wife #1 (the throwback). We retired in 2000 and relocated to a rural area in Southern Indiana about 15 miles west of Louisville,KY.

Getting close to 70 and slowing down a bit, but so far the brain still functions.
Got 10 kids between the two wives and so far, 23 grandkids that make Christmas a freakin' nightmare for the budget ! most of them are within an hour's ride from us here.

I have a 55 tree orchard here that I play in trying to get the various fruit trees to produce. I teach a course each winter term for a local community college here, where I had worked full time 30 years ago.

I am a casual hunter/shooter. I don't get into this too much as I have a limited retirement "fun-budget". I have a total of 7 rifles 4 of which are 22's of various types then there are the 308, and two 30-06's . 2 Handguns and a pair of shotguns, one of which is a Saiga S-12 tricked-out a bit to give the AK look and the Mall-Ninja attitude make up the rest of the Armory.!

I am about to depart on my first ever Texas Hog Hunt, with a grandson and his other Grandpa. I hope to write up a hunt-report in a couple of weeks on our return. I have to learn out to post a photo so that it opens when you check my post. So Far the ones I have posted have had to clicked on the link to get to see them (an inconvenience I want to overcome).

Politically, I am pretty far to the right of center, but not in the area of Ghenghis Khan and some of the serious gunners on this site. I tend to stay out of the political debates, respecting your right to think the way you do, and not wanting to have to defend my point of view to anyone.

I did my military (Army) time back in the early 60's as a Communication Intercept Operator with time in both Japan and Vietnam. No great war stories to share...did the job and came home. Used the GI Bill to get a B S , M S and EdS degrees to make teaching a paying career that I enjoyed. Wife's a Nurse, still working cause shes a decade younger than me. Nice to have a nurse near by as my warrenty seems to be falling apart at times these days !

OK That's Mayor AL.
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