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No, sales of "the judge" are irrelevent - to the cost of .410 ammo..../ its been up in price for a long time ( in my area you can buy RIO for about $ 10 a box / and premium shells like REM STS are about $ 16 a box )....

Skeet shooters - shoot quite a bit of .410 ....and on big sporting clays shoots - there is always a .410 event ....but even that usage isn't enough to drive down the cost of .410 ammo because the volume sold is so low compared to 12ga and 20ga....

Most all of us that shoot much .410 ( or 28ga ) reload both ... my reloads on .410 ( because it only has 1/2 oz of shot ) is around $ 1.50 - $ 2 for a box of 25. My buddy and I like to shoot 3 or 4 boxes of 20ga or 28ga / and then a couple of boxes of .410 every week ( shooting the .410 at Skeet - keeps me humble / because the gun talks to me ...( it usually says "you suck" ...) and then it just laughs a lot between stations.../ but I told it the other day if it didn't behave I was going to drag it thru the parking lot on a rope ...( it didn't help, but I felt better ) ....
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