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Ask a convicted felon

what he thinks about citizens carrying arms.

When I was a prison guard at Michael Unit, Texas Dept of Criminal Justice, then Governor Ann Richards promised to veto any concealed carry bill that the Texas legislature might pass and send to her desk.

She even prevented a non-binding referendum on concealed carry from being placed on the next state-wide ballot. (she lost that election to George W. Bush).

While all this was going on, I decided to conduct an informal poll of inmates under my supervision, with the following results:

ALL knew it was illegal for them, as convicted felons, to possess a firearm.

ALL of them admitted they intended to possess a firearm, anyway, for self-defense - the same reason for law abiding citizens to carry!

The most memorable comment I heard, when I asked felons what they thought of law-abiding citizens carrying firearms was :

"It's no fun to hunt if the rabbit has a gun".
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