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I don't think the ports of that gun will affect you at all - in terms of noise Brent.

Porting is an issue that many of us disagree on ...but Benelli ports their "target" gun - the Super Sport models / and I thought the Beretta DT-10 was ported as well / but maybe not - or maybe its an option. Krieghoff and Kolar - offer it as an option / and seriously, there really isn't a "stock" Krieghoff or Kolar - and quite a few of the guys I see shooting Kolar's or Krieghoff's around here - have them ported.

And I agree with my friend OneOunce ...lighter field guns should be ported ( although I know I'm putting a spin on his argument ) but I think part of the reason companies like Browning don't port their field grade guns - is it'll add expense ...( but then I consider my Browning Citori XS Skeet models - as bird hunting machines too ) ...

But seriously, I don't know that its clearly a yes or no on porting - in terms of muzzle jump ....maybe its my imagination that it helps / maybe not ...but regardless, I like em ported...

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