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Very good Twycross!!!

Why folks feel the need to attribute a decent bit of writing to some fictional military figure is beyond me. Either the writing has merit or it does not. Oh wait, this is done to give credit to the writing because apparently somebody didn't think the original author's name sounded patriotic enough so they attributed it to a Maj. L. Caudill, USMC (Ret.). Let's see, first he is a Marine and we all know Marines are tough fighters who really know what they are talking about when it comes to fighting and are patriots. Next we see that he is a well placed officer indicated a long career which undoubtedly meant fighting, but he isn't so high ranking as to be detached. Third, he retired from the military. Could he be much more of a patriotic author?

By attributing it to a fictional person, even when Ted Nugent cites it (no surprise Teddy was duped as he doesn't seem to let facts get in the way of his arguments) as well as Dillon, two things happen. One, we come across as ignorant for reproducing something that is wrong and passing it off in that manner. It means we didn't bother to verify the authenticity of the work. Two, we become part of the lie. Either way, we look bad with this appeal to non-existent authority.

I do like the name. It is a variant spelling on "caudal" which is an anatomical term that means toward or relating to the tail, the tale (another variant) here being that this is authored by Caudill.

Yep Buzz, trickery, deceit, public opprobrium, or emotionalism are all at work here in the misattribution of the work to a fictional military author.
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