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Has anyone else run their own tests?
Yes, I've done informal testing. I use an 870 by Wilson/Scattergun Tech.

Speed with the pump is achieved by using the backward momentum form recoil to operate the slide. As the gun recoils,the hand keeps coming back to operate the slide all the way to rear. The slide is operated forward as the shotgun is coming back down on target.

Shotgun recoils back and up--hand operates the side all the way to rear using recoil momentum.

As shotgun settles back down from recoil---hand is bringing slide to forward position and gun is immediately ready to fire again.

However: The pump is plenty fast, but the speed of the semi-auto in the hands of an EXPERIENCED user is awesome. The pump can't match it. I have a shotgun tape that Ayoob put out that would remove any doubt of the speed superiority of the auto---- with full power ammo.

On the other hand, the experienced pump user can shoot very fast. I used Winchester low recoil-low- noise loads to see how fast I could get off five shots. It took six tries, but I finally did it in .99 seconds. That's with the timer starting with the first shot--not reacting to the timer. Oh, and that's shots into target at 3 to 5 yds.

Average time was five shots in 1.3 seconds. And I'm old and rusty.

I don't think I could do that with full power loads, though maybe with LE low recoil Tactical (my SD ammo) with practice. I don't intend to try. Shots that are 1/3 of a second apart are fine.

The under arm assault position is also very fast, but the gun must be SECURE--other wise recoil can injure your hand or trigger finger.

Very typically what we see is: Shoot, recover from recoil, then start the slide to rear, then bring it forward. Very inefficient.

The proper method described above, is a TIMING thing. You can learn it, but don't rush things.

Lou Awerbuck has a good tape (hopefully in DVD now) that explains it. Gabe Suarez's Shotgun DVD is more recent and very good.

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