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Pump vs. Semi - 00 buck for HD

I did two informal tests today with my 870 and Benelli M2 to address the speed of semiauto shotgun vs a pump gun for home defense.

Q: I know a semiauto is much faster than a pump with birdshot. But, is it much faster with 00 buck?

If I wanted to be completely scientific, I would have done this multiple times, at different distances, and with multiple shooters. However, I think a general conclusion can be formed.

1. Pump vs Semi - 7.5 birdshot

2. Pump vs Semi - 00 buckshot, Federal LE-127

The Benelli was much faster with birdshot (duh) on a 3 round test at 7 yards on 3 targets. 2.1 seconds vs. 2.9 seconds. No surprise here.

With 00 buckshot, the Benelli was only slightly faster. 3.6 seconds vs. 3.9 seconds.


More tests need to be done. However, I think I have convinced myself that the speed advantage of a semi auto vs. a pump starts to go away when full power 00 Buck is used. Why? Recoil. The shot to shot delay getting back on target due to the recoil of 00 buck starts to negate the mechanical speed advantage of the semiauto.

Has anyone else run their own tests?
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