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I respect the other optinions - but in my opinion, factory porting is not worthless ...and it does reduce muzzle jump / so you acquire the 2nd bird faster on the 2nd shot ....( it does not reduce recoil ).

In terms of noise to the shooter - I think its relatively insignificant ...noise is directed outward or upward or slightly backward ( depending on how the barrel is ported). If another shooter is adjacent to you ...its a factor to them ....but in my view, other than in a duck blind, I don't think its a factor ( and they shouldn't be that close to you in any other situation ).

I like a ported gun -- all of my Browning O/U's in 12ga or 20ga --and my semi-auto Benelli super sports are ported / and I'm not sure I'd buy a gun without it ( at least in a 12ga or 20ga )! In a 28ga or a .410 - I don't think it matters if the gun is ported or not - on the 2nd shot ( but even my 28ga and .410's - are 30" barrels, O/U's and weigh around 8 1/2 lbs).

So I'd buy it -- especially if its ported ( but you're asking a bunch of shotgunners --- if you should buy another gun / you wouldn't expect us to say no !!! I know you're not a wingshooter Brent I'm assuming you'll use it for some hunting ...but 26" or 28" ....noise to you as a shooter still won't matter in my opinion.
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