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Grump, at the moment its a .10 peep (my long range drift slide) I dont plan on mounting any match sights on this rifle and increasing the sight radius. Has to be grunt grade.
That's why I said it depends. I don't know what class you are shooting in or if this is just chuckles and giggles shooting. I have fired with both military ladder sight and done fairly well and with match sights and done very well but I was shooting in competition with shooters who took their 600 and 1000 yard shooting seriously. A young teenager named Tubbs and his brother and father come to mind. It was humbling to have a kid 10 years younger than me shooting to my right beat the pants off of me but it was good experience to. Every time his old man yelled at the kid I was paying attention.

Right now I am shooting my brothers 1941 Service grade M1 Garand in competition and no match sights allowed. Was kind of hinky from being used to 1/8 and 1/4 min sight adjustments to 1 min sight adjustments. Got the windage in but am having a fine old time with elevation. I'm using 1951 milsurp ammo and while most of it is good some of it isn't and that complicates things. If I could use my match ammo life would be so much simpler but that would defeat the purpose of the match. Sigh. If I could use my own M1 Garand life would be simpler but having been converted to .308 took it out of specs for the match, double sigh.

You numbers are good from what my old notes say. My match grade bullets are 178 gr Hornady BTHP and the factory loads are supposed to be 2760, I load to 2700 and can tell no difference. (bolt gun)

My hunting bullets are 180 gr Remington Core-Lokts and commercial loads claim 2700 fps. I load to 2600 and get max accuracy, any hotter and my groups open up. That could just be my rifle. You won't know till you load a few and try them. Rule of thumb for every gun I have is my accurate loads are near but just below max loads.

When I finish this I am going out again and shoot up some more of that old ammo. I'm trying to get it gone so I can use the newer 30 year old stuff. So far my match targets are embarrassing. Good groups but not where they are supposed to be.
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