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It is not the quality of Gary’s (Brommeland’s) holsters that is in question here. He makes a very fine holster and I do not think that can be questioned. It’s his business ethics and honesty that are in question. You obviously have not purchased from him in a while. He has had these very same issues for a long time and it is documented all over the internet.

A few years back he changed his policy and decided to no longer accept direct orders from customers and strictly sell his products via retailers. Somehow that plan did not work out and he started taking order directly from customers again, only he promised not to charge or bill the customer until the product was finished and ready for shipment. He has not kept his word and he is back to doing business the way he use to. Charging people upfront, promising them a delivered product, and not following through with the delivery as promised and giving people the run around for months on end. I have had multiple communications with him where he has basically flat-out lied to me on each occasion.

In retrospect I should not have allowed him to bill me until my order was ready to be shipped.

Here is a link to a thread on Defensive Carry: Start reading on page 1. Gary was also a moderator on this site at one time if I am not mistaken. The thread is called “Where is my holster” in the thread people post transcripts of their dealings with Brommeland Gun Leather. There is lots of good information on it.

Here is another link with feedback from some of his previous clients including me aka “clearblue” on the site:

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to bash Gary or Brommeland. I just want others to be able to make a well informed decision before they place their order(s).
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