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Sorry it too so long to get back Peetzakilla
The Sierra's are a deal, you do get what you pay for. The 39's have better groups and BC than any other in the 204 I tried. In the mornings with no winds I shoot the 32 V-Max, after lunch and when the wind blows I shoot the 39's. The 40's V-Max are great also, just the Sierra's are a little better in group size out past 200+ in the winds. The difference in accuracy @ 100 yards with all 3 loads is not much. For close range "wet work" red mist effect, the 32 V-max is really great.

32 V-max's and 25.4 R-10X
39 Sierra and 25.2 R-10X
40 V-Max and 22.5 X-Terminator

those are my loads....

POI on them is all very close...
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