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NEED INFO: EDUARD KETTNER O/U 20ga "Pointer Light" Pics

We can't find another like it anywhere on the web. I've found several SxS's and a 12ga O/U and a few combos, but no 20 gauges...

What we have is an extremely rare, apparently, over-under on consignment.
It is marked with the maker noted above. It has a single trigger, with very detailed scroll work over the entire receiver. It's very light. The name, "Pointer Light" is etched on the bottom of the receiver. Very deep, rich bluing on the barrels like a Browning. Barrels are stamped, "20 GA" and "3 Inch".

Does anyone have a value range for this gun, or a place where I can find some more information on it?

We know it was made in Germany, and Kettner is the Cabelas of Europe.
Original MSRP or some catalog pics would be great.
Thanks in advance...

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