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1,000 yd shooting

I hear you cant go wrong with a 175 SMK flying at 2600-2700fps.
2,700fps out of a 30-06 is fine with me, and its pretty close to what my loads have been for a while now.

The problem is prepping the rifle for those distances. The rifle is a 1903 Springfield, rear sight drifts along a ladder = no clicks or increments whatsoever (only old range markings as a referance)

I've run into some info claiming that a min MV of 2,600fps will have 40 MOA drop at 1K, and to prep a rifle for that range you could get a 100yd zero that shoots 40in high.
If this is true, my rifle will hit somewhere on the 6 sq. foot frame after a wind estimation offcourse.
How accurate is this method and does anyone use it? there a formula for drop based on muzzle velocity?

I might want to increase the bullet charge to get 2750-2800fps to reduce the effects of wind deflection by a few percent.
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