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I'm having some trouble wiring this, I got a 250v extension cord with 4 lead ins they are red back white and green. The pot has 3 which are brown blue and green. Tge green to green for grounding. Now the lee tech said that the white from the extension is supposed to be ignored and red was hot black is cold and greens are ground. The guy from home depot and lady from general electric said that black and Rex are tied in togethor as hot, white is cold which ties into the blue and green to green are grounding. Can someone who got this pot help me out.

Tape up the white wire. You don't use it but it shouldn't just float around in there where it could short out. Connect black-to-blue, red-to-brown, and green-to-green. (or black-brown and red-blue, it doesn't make any difference)
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