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I think it's a great design.

But when I went through the pump vs auto debate in my own head - I decided I'd rather have an auto.

I also personally think that 8 rounds are going to be enough to handle any HD situation that I might face.

I am leaning toward a Mossberg 930 SPX. Having said that though, there seems to be no way to shorten the 930 up, no way to have a collapslble butt stock. There are some corners in my house I really can't go around with a long arm, the KSG would be nice for that.

I also think the vertical grips that people have put on the KSG prototype / test models slow down the functioning of the pump action on the KSG. If you watch the YouTube videos of people using these - the pump action is not smooth and I think it's because of the vertical grip.

But anyway, I think I can engage 2 targets with an auto in the time that it would take me to cycle the action once on a pump shotgun.

If I could have my wish - I'd like a KSG semi auto, and with a mechanism that automatically switched to the second feed tube after the last round came out of the first feed tube - or a mechanism that automatically switched between the two tubes, but I was thinking you'd probably need the best engineers and designers at H&K and Benelli to come up with something like that that worked and worked reliably.
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