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Here's a link to some 500 S&W 700 grainers and the best selection of 500 S&W Magnum bullets I've found on the net.
Matts bullets bought out all of ranger Ricks molds since he quit selling his "T" rex bullets. Dunno if the quality is as good as Ricks.

Wow! Beautiful moulds, beautiful bullets. Suspect T-Rex population is in grave danger as soon as the season opens. Gotta ask; if you stand @ the edge of that cavity and yell do you hear an echo?
Congrats on your retirement Snuffy. Hope you get healthy & start enjoying it more soon!
Dunno if there's an echo, but the big smith sure hollers when it spits those enormous HP's out the front.

Yup fellin a little bit better each day. Plantin a garden even spent some time at the range last week. Gotta go try some new boolits tomorrow, IF the monsoons are over for a couple o' days.

Look for a new thread on another Miha cramer type mold, 4 cav .452 HP.
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