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On May 23rd, the Peruta appeal was filed by Chuck Michel (he's the "go-to" NRA attorney for CA). Well it seems that the amicus briefs are about to start rolling in.

On Wed., May 25th, an amicus curiae brief in support of the appellants was filed by the Congress Of Racial Equality (CORE). This is a 42 page brief written by Stephan Halbrook.

The link to the brief is here. You may have to go to Chuck Michel & Associates website and register before you download the file (Warning: An older version of Adobe was used and the file is 6.1MB).

The Peruta brief was a no-holds barred brief that castigates the defendant (San Diego County), the District Court (Judge Gonzales) and the 9th Circuit Nordyke panel. It's gutsy and is directed to the Supreme Court itself.

This amicus brief is of the same genre. It is focused upon the right to carry as the founders understood the term and the 14th amendment and the cure it was supposed to have given the freed slaves, in defending themselves against the Black Codes (Jim Crow laws).
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