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I'm shooting the 32gr V-Max over 28.0gr Benchmark

That's the exact load I'm using in both Rem 700 VLSS Thumbhole and a Savage 12 FV. Seating depth seems to have little effect. I don't have my notes with me but I think I settled on 2.365 OAL, which is the max length of the Remington's magazine. FWIW, I can't reach the lands in either of these rifles with the 32 gr. V-Max, even loading singly. The bullets just aren't long enough for that.

An interesting thing I have going on is I also tried the 26 gr. Barnes VGs. The Remington shot them exactly the same group sizes AND exact same POA at 100 yds. I swear you could mix them blindly in a magazine and shoot a good group at 100. Conversely, the Savage, which shoots to same load with the 32 V-Max into very similar tiny groups as the Remington, scattered the VGs all over the paper.

I have stuck with the 32 V-Max to keep my supply inventory that much simpler.

I have recently aquired a 16" Contender and an NEF Handi, both in 204. Have shot both just a little but they both seem to group the 32 V-Max / Benchmark load decently. Will do further testing later this summer.

Anyway, to answer your question, my limited experience with the former 2 rifles mentioned would indicate that yes, the 204 seems to like a little jump to the lands. This has been noted quite a bit in the 204Ruger Forum as well.

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