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I would recommend you just keep shooting the BPS ...there is no advantage to going to a lesser quality O/U ...and a variety of mechanical problems and long term quality issues with some of the guns on your list are well documented unfortunately.

The BPS is not at a disadvantage in anyway on a Trap field my opinon.

For a lot of reasons I do prefer an O/U for Trap and all of the clay target games ...but many yrs ago / when I was raising kids, and was still on a tight budget, my BPS served me very well ...and its still a solid gun today after many thousands of shells thru it for clays and for game birds...and its been 38 yrs, I think, since I bought that first BPS 12ga ...

For a dedicated Trap gun down the road ...I'd suggest saving up for a good Browning BT-99 or even the older BT-100 if you like a solid break open single barrel gun in 32" or 34" barrel ...or go to the Citori XT Trap O/U in
32" barrels. But no reason to rush into it ...
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