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Browning X-Bolt Scop/Ring Combination?

I have a new Browning X-Bolt, Stalker, .338 Win Mag (RMEF Edition). My new 50mm Leupold VX-3, "Long Range" (30 mm tube) is on order. Browning's web site says the intermediate X-Lock ring/base combo will do the trick. Has anyone done this before on this rifle (or any x-bolt)? What I'm trying to avoid is buying three sets of rings and shipping them back when they don't fit...I've found on other forums where some owners had trouble with the dimensions from Browning so they had to buy another set of rings...none of them gave specifics and the posts were all ancient.

I'm pretty much set on the X-Lock integrated ring/base combo (30mm). I really like Leupold, but the the concept of the x-lock is intriguing and I want to give it a whirl.

The cannon is at the smithy now getting ported (I heard a .338 in a 6.5 lb frame might buck a little) I'll post pictures when it gets home.

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