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I still think we are splitting hairs here. Technically the semi is faster, no argument from me here. But look at Tom Knapps records. 8 shots with a pump in 1.87 seconds. 10 shots with an auto in 2.2 seconds. You could probably at least double those times for the average shooter, but it proves that if someone is willing to learn how to run a pump gun it can be plenty fast for it's purposes.

I can't think of a hunting or SD situation where the extra speed of the auto would matter. FWIW, I have used a pump a lot and consider myself pretty fast with one, but primarily use an auto now. Not because of faster shots, but more reliable shooting. While the pump is more reliable from a mechanical standpoint I've found that I am the weak link and I'm more likely to short stroke a pump than have an auto fail.
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