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My "combat" shotgun was a stock Mossberg Maverick 88 for several years. It was my most used gun at the time, so I was very familiar with it. Than I had a Fail to Fire incident.
Then I bought a benelli nova. The stock was too short so I bought a butt pad, it has ghost ring sights (which are quite high) so I bought a cheek rest that also holds 10 or so extra rounds of 12 gauge. When I go shooting I have to carry the firearms a ways sometimes so I bought a nice leather sling for it.

My advice for you is to buy a shotgun that feels good and has an extended magazine. And then shoot the heck out of it. I like shooting clays because it gives you expierence with moving targets. Then once you've put some rounds through it and learned how it shoots, then start to buy "add-ons" for it and see what you like. The best weapon to have in combat is the one that you are most familiar with.
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