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For what its worth -- I always store my guns now with choke tubes screwed into the barrels ( they're cleaned and lubed regularly ) ...but if they go into the safe with choke tubes installed ...they at least come out of the safe, before they go into a travel case - with something in them ...

but after that incident / where we had 5 shooters using my guns ...I didn't have enough modified extended chokes for all 5 Browning 12ga Over Unders ...and in the confusion of getting everyone set up with a gun / looking at my son on the firing line - I just assumed that gun got a pair of the flush chokes installed ...and while he shoots with me quite a bit / he was helping one of his buddies get set up and just forgot to check his own gun.

So it happens ...

Kind of like bringing a 28ga gun to the club ....and loading 15 boxes of 20ga shells.../ and having to pay $ 12 a box for 28ga shells ....
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