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Over at CalGuns, Gene Hoffman (Chairman CalGuns Foundation) revealed that a prior case, Haynie v. Kamala Harris (CA AG) and CA DOJ, was filed on March 25, 2010. This case has much in common with the Richards case.

Now add in that Gene has filed "a declaration showing that the California Department of Justice had actually lead a disinformation campaign from 2006 to 2009 that was designed to confuse gun owners and law enforcement and actively attempted to create criminal test cases against innocent gun owners" (Exhibits A thru K).

The importance of these cases, and what they will do (not if) has just been raised by a factor of 2.

Fact is, there is going to be a motion to relate the cases, as they are so similar as to preclude what the DOJ has argued (so far) in the Haynie case. Namely that this doesn't occur with any regularity. Expect the CA DOJ to fight tooth and nail to keep the cases separate. For a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that the Haynie is already a year old and closer to resolution.

There are two parts to the CA AW flowchart. Side A is a list of questions to which you answer "yes" or "no." At which point you follow the arrows... Side B is the appendices that are referenced by the chart itself. You simply must consult side B before you answer side A questions.

Side A
Side B

CalGuns has a wiki page for all the info you will need. See it here.

Still confused? So is everyone else.
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