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I would probably say the vagueness of the law contributes to the confusion.

The local officer say yes they are in violation, then you have the DOJ guy say no the local officer is wrong.

sound like confusion to me.

Sound like the lawyers in this case have everything they need to take this case where it needs to go.

if I was a local police chief after this fiasco I would be kind of hesitant to arrest somebody in similar circumstances till this case is finalized and has a "final" outcome. I would probably have the officer take down the information and take no actions without a ruling on the guns from the DOJ.

Which would put the responsibility right square in the lap of the DOJ.

If the court rules that the plaintiff can recover legal costs from the local PD that is going to hurt big time. Its probably money in the budget the PD does not have to spend which means they have to cut stuff from the budget.

The Ninth can come up with some crazy rulings... with the circumstances in this case it seems that something is going to have to be changed.
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