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Over/Under shotgun advice any help will be appreciated

I am looking to buy an o/u. I currently have a Browning BPS 12g pump. I am on a very tight budget or atleast if I want to remain married I am. The guns that are in my price range I know are not fan favorites but it is what it is. My choices are a Mossberg Silver Reserve a CZ (not sure of model but assume it is there lower line) a Stoeger Condor or a used Franchi Diamond with Benelli stamped on it. All the above are in the $500 range except the Condor and it is $400. Even if I save to get a better gun later it would still cause problems so that is not an option. I enjoy shooting trap therefore that will be primary use. I do not have the time to get a ton of use out of it. I will be lucky to put 500 rounds a summer out of it. Please let me know your thoughts
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